We are living in the digital era and it is time that all our schools and students should be taking full advantage of all this modern technology. Even more so now that we live in a time when pandemics have changed the way we socialise, work and attend school. 
We are now in the era of remote learning and Edu-Training makes remote learning more than just possible but actually a functional enhancement to any teachers lessons.
Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020 most South African students will miss classes while in Lockdown. This means teachers cannot work and students will most likely miss out on a whole year of education. This will only add to the burden that our nation needs to presently carry!
But with Edu-Training the students can continue to attend classes and the teachers can continue to teach!
Edu-Academy offers a unique remote learning solution that allows teachers to upload their lessons online as text based, video based and quiz based lessons, also being able to upload additional support media like PDFs, Spreadsheets and or Text Documents.
Edu-Training offers:

  1. The full national school syllabus in Video, Text and Quiz format online available to all subscribed students
  2. School and class specifically targeted lessons uploaded by the teachers of each school aim at that teachers actual students uploaded by teachers and schools using Edu-Training;
  3. A dedicated communications platform to allow teachers to chat directly to their students or the parents.
Edu-Academy will be continually developing and adding new educational tools to improve the online learning experience.

edu training icon 4This total online remote learner solution offered to schools by  Edu-Academy comprises of  a platform that enables teachers to plan all their lessons which can then be logically laid out with an index to  all the lessons for a class,  introductory notes and attached helpful resources. Each lesson then is made up of both Text based and  video based modules, with attached learner resources that can be uploaded by the teacher, followed by randomised quiz questions that require a set pass rate to progress to the next lesson module. This ensures that the student completely understands the lesson before being allowed to progress to the next. This method of learning can quickly assist in identifying problem areas with students and allow teachers to address any specific student's needs using either additional resouces or private video chats to address any questions the student might have. 
The Edu-Training slolution remote learner solution further allows the student or the whole class and their teacher to conduct live video camera class sessions as well to allow for group based activities and these sessions also offer shared desktop capabilities allowing both student and teacher to show what they are working on. The class sessions has teacher mute feature so that students can press the "raise hand" button to ask questions preventing unnesesary noise from interupting classes. All verbal conversation are automatically transcribed during the online interactions for later review by either the student and or the teacher.

Edu-Academy has created a total remote learner solution for schools has your school subscribed to Edu-Academy yet?


Edu-Training prevents children being left behind!

The modular nature of the Edu-Academy online Edu-Training remote learning solution assists students that are often left behind due to day dreaming, lack of concentration or with learning disorder orders as the total online learner solution ensures that students fully understand a lesson before being allowed to progress to the next, thus moving at their own pace and also notifying the teacher of any students that need special attention.

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edu-academy  is an education services and solutions company focusing on:

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We have partnered with with vendors providing solutions in all our focus areas and have grown a critical mass of certified and experienced technicians supporting these vendor solutions.

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Edu-Academy was established in 2016 as a platform, where innovative education and training initiatives can be created.

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