Using technology to track student attendance at school

Ever wandered just how long attendance roll-call takes each day at school? What a waste of student and teacher time!

Imagine if it could be done as easily as walking into school. Well it is with Edu-ID using your natural identity elements!

Not only is the student able to instantly reflect their attendance with a touch or a glance, but they will also be able to prove all their skills acquired while attending training institutes that offer the KEPT® based Edu-ID identity management solution. This is because they will automatically have all their skills accreditation added to their natural identity time line. This will allow them to prove their skills easily to any KEPT® subscribed organisation in the future with out the need of paper documents like certificates.
Edu-ID offers a student the opportunity to take ownership and control their identity for ever protecting them from future fraud and identity abuse.

About edu-academy

edu-academy  is an education services and solutions company focusing on:

  • Career Management
  • Register Systems
  • Education Content Management

We have partnered with with vendors providing solutions in all our focus areas and have grown a critical mass of certified and experienced technicians supporting these vendor solutions.

more about us

Edu-Academy was established in 2016 as a platform, where innovative education and training initiatives can be created.

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